Avalon Dining

Delight Your Senses

Guests of The Grand Resort have their choice of eight restaurants, eight bars, and two lounges (four outdoors) right here on The Grand Resort campus. Add access to another 18 restaurants, 13 bars, and four lounges through the Avalon Golf and Country Club properties and you have unlimited possibilities for fine or casual dining and relaxation.

Grand Resort Campus


The Lobby Bar

The Pete Dye Grille

The Atrium

The Pool Patio

The Vista Patio

The Wine Cellar and Lounge

The Chophouse




Off Campus

(Free Shuttle Service Available)

Hemingway’s Avalon at Squaw Creek

The Wine Room Avalon at Squaw Creek

The Pool Cafe Avalon at Squaw Creek

Hepburn’s Avalon at Squaw Creek

Largo’s Avalon at Buhl Park

Bogart’s Avalon at Buhl Park

The Havana Room Avalon at Buhl Park

The Pool Cafe Avalon at Buhl Park

The Tillinghast Room Avalon Field Club at New Castle

Avalon Wine Pictures

Well-Curated Wine Selections

At The Wine Cellar and Lounge, we offer hundreds of wines by the bottle or you can enjoy a 1-oz, 3-oz, or 6-0z glass from 24 varieties from our On-Tap Wine System.

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